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HuMBL Research


Sensorimotor Neurophysiology - We are interested in how the brain interprets and integrates information from its many biological sensors to form perceptions. We are currently focused on the perceptions of motion produced by vestibular sensation and how they may be used as a model system for modeling neural sensory processes




Clinical Applications - We partner with clinicians to develop tools to automatically extract human motion features that may be indicative of changes in health states, injury, or disease. These tools are based on the basic research that we conduct at HuMBL


Wearable Sensing- We developed wearable instruments to monitor human motion in the wild. We specialize in making accurate measurements in dynamic, high impact scenarios that are common in injuries, such as concussions or anterior cruciate ligament tears.


Musculoskeletal Modeling - We utilize modeling approaches to understand how the musculoskeletal system drives human motion, when musculoskeletal injuries occur, and optimize rehabilitation treatments. Coupled with our wearable sensing technologies, we are building an understanding of how humans move in the wild.




Resources - We provide much of our research tools, data, and code through open source data repositories. Relevant projects will have links to their respective resources.

Human Motion Biomech Lab